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Access Granted by Hart Note Productions

Access Granted, is a program created by Jeremy Hart of Hart Note Productions to empower students with real-world knowledge from industry professionals.

The inspiration for Access Granted stemmed from a frustration with the inauthentic advice often given at industry panels. Tired of hearing generic platitudes like “just keep grinding,” Jeremy envisioned a space offering practical guidance directly from experienced professionals.

Access Granted provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. Panelists on the program are successful artists who share concrete, step-by-step advice on how to succeed in various artistic fields. The program doesn’t limit itself to the arts, however, and encompasses a wide range of career paths.

The future of Access Granted is ambitious. The program is currently developing closed-session workshops where students can interact directly with artists. Documentaries and conferences are also planned.

With its focus on providing students with practical, actionable advice from experienced professionals, Access Granted is a valuable resource for anyone looking to chart their course in the creative industries.

Hart Note Productions with When We Speak TV

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