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Black Excellence You Can Binge: All Seasons of “Johnson” Now Streaming!

Calling all comedy fans, drama devotees, and champions of Black storytelling! February is Black History Month, and what better way to celebrate than with a binge-worthy show that does it all? Buckle up, because ALL THREE SEASONS of the critically acclaimed dramedy series Johnson are now streaming on Hulu as part of their Black Stories Always hub!

Johnson tackles real issues with humor and heart, following the intertwined lives of four longtime friends who, by pure coincidence, all share the same last name…Johnson! (No, they’re not related ).

Here’s why you need to add “Johnson” to your watchlist ASAP:

  • Laugh-out-loud moments meet genuine depth: Created by Deji LaRay, “Johnson” seamlessly blends hilarious situations with thought-provoking social commentary, offering a unique perspective on love, friendship, and navigating life as a Black man in America.
  • A stellar cast brings it to life: From comedy legend D.L. Hughley to rising star Deji LaRay himself, the show boasts a talented ensemble that breathes life into these relatable characters. Plus, look out for surprise guest appearances by Cedric The Entertainer!
  • More than just entertainment: As part of Hulu’s “Black Stories Always” initiative, “Johnson” joins a powerful collection of Black voices and stories available year-round. By watching, you’re not just enjoying a great show, you’re supporting diverse creators and narratives.

Ready to join Omar, Greg, Keith, and Jarvis on their journey? Head over to Hulu and start streaming “Johnson” today! You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the show with your friends and family! Use the hashtag #BlackStoriesAlways and spread the word about this must-watch series.

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