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Monkey Man Review: Dev Patel Delivers Knockout Action

We at When We Speak TV were lucky enough to be invited to a private screeening of Monkey Man at the AMC Madison Yards in Atlanta this past Tuesday, and this film packs one heck of a punch!

Monkey Man Review: Dev Patel Delivers Knockout Action

Monkey Man throws us into the brutal world of underground fight clubs, where a mysterious fighter known only as “Kid” (played by the phenomenal Dev Patel) throws down night after night, his face obscured by a gorilla mask. But beneath the rage and expertly delivered blows lies a simmering fire, fueled by a past shrouded in darkness. When the opportunity for revenge against those who wronged him arises, Kid is on a relentless mission of retribution, his fists and fury becoming the instruments of his will.

Now, here’s the thing that truly blew our minds: Dev Patel isn’t just the star of Monkey Man, he’s also the director! Yes, you read that right. Patel steps behind the camera for the first time and delivers a masterclass in action filmmaking. The fight scenes are nothing short of incredible – raw, visceral, and utterly captivating. It’s hard to believe this is a directorial debut, the choreography is so tight and the action flows with a balletic intensity.

We heard whispers that filming wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, with Patel facing a few hurdles during production. Well, let me tell you, whatever went wrong clearly didn’t affect the final product! Monkey Man is a triumph, a testament to Patel’s talent and vision.

Monkey Man

Monkey Man is a must-see for fans of action cinema, revenge thrillers, and anyone who appreciates a powerful directorial debut. Don’t miss your chance to witness Dev Patel unleash his inner action hero and filmmaker on the big screen! You can catch Monkey Man in theaters on April 5th!


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