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Nashville’s Tiera Kennedy Soars on Beyoncé’s New Album, ‘Cowboy Carter’

At When We Speak TV, we were floored to learn that country singer, Tiera Kennedy, is featured on Beyoncé‘s much-anticipated country album, “Cowboy Carter“! This is a huge moment, not just for Tiera’s career, but for Black artists in country music as a whole.

Back in July of 2023, we had the privilege of meeting Tiera in Nashville, and we were immediately struck by her talent and infectious energy. It’s no surprise that Beyoncé, with her keen eye for recognizing exceptional artists, tapped Tiera for her genre-bending album.

Tiera Kennedy speaks with When We Speak TV

According to Billboard, Tiera lends her vocals to two tracks on “Cowboy Carter“: “Blackbiird” (a reimagining of the Beatles classic originally inspired by racial tension) and “Tyrant.”

This is a monumental achievement for Tiera, and we are absolutely thrilled for her. Congratulations, Tiera! The sky’s the limit!

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