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Georgia Film Day 2024

Calling all storytellers, filmmakers, and industry dreamers! Have you heard the buzz about Georgia? This southern state has quietly transformed into a billion-dollar film powerhouse, and it’s not just about the glitz and glamour on screen.

Georgia Film Day 2024, held at Atlanta City Hall, included Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, Grammy-winning producer Dallas Austin, and Co-Presidents of the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) to celebrate the state’s cinematic success. This wasn’t just about acknowledging past achievements. It was a powerful call to action. Joining them were industry veterans like former Walking Dead producer Tom Luse and actors Elaine Hendrix (Dynasty, The Parent Trap) and Ethan Embry (Sweet Home Alabama, That Thing You Do!), all lending their voices to the event co-hosted by GA State Representative, Long Tran.

Georgia Film Day 2024

Advocating for the Future: Georgia Film Tax Credit in Focus

The united front at Georgia Film Day highlighted the importance of the Georgia Film Tax Credit, a vital engine that keeps the cameras rolling and fosters a thriving film ecosystem. Industry leaders and legislators came together to advocate for its continuation, ensuring a bright future for Georgia’s film scene.

Actor Ethan Embry and Jermaine Sain (When We Speak TV)

Are You Ready to Be Part of the Story?

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting your journey, Georgia offers a fertile ground for creativity to flourish. With its supportive infrastructure, passionate communities, a billion-dollar commitment to the industry, and the backing of influential figures like those who spoke at Georgia Film Day, Georgia is more than just a filming location – it’s a launchpad for your next cinematic adventure.

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